Pay our invoices fast and free with your choice of the ways below, listed from the most preferred to the least preferred. You also can pay by check, like it’s 1999.

By Wire – Send me a payment via wire

  • Depending on your bank account type this can be Free or a charge.
  • Contact me for my Account and routing numbers

ZELLE – Free to send or receive money

GOOGLE PAY – Free from a linked account, debit card or balance. Android, iOS or Desktop. 

VENMO – Free from a linked account, debit card or Venmo balance.

PAYPAL – Free with your bank account or PayPal balance.

  • How to send money with PayPal
  • Send as friends & family to avoid 2.9% transaction fee
  • Our account:

CHECK – Mail a check drawn from a USA bank made out to Citrada Marketing to:

Todd Chaney
Citrada Marketing
2388 Swansea Road
Columbus, OH 43221-1821

Thank you!

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