A few short months ago

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NOLA 2019.

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A saturation extreme at #otherworldohio.

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We are big SpaceX fans. check out some of the images from the Official SpaceX Flickr photo library. Go science. Go humans. https://flickr.com/photos/spacex

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It is Monday and not even 3 pm and the pesky Port boiler alarm is going off again. A happy first Monday for '21 to all.

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News years eve in in the Hotel Leveque. Quite a gem from the 1920's. Worked right next to this building for many years.

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Discarded water heater part becomes a wind sculpture.

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Sure was a snowy and crisp Christmas weekend. Looking forward to '21.

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Doing some thinking about 2021 goals…

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Christmas Cactus likes the snow today. Salt & Pepper Chickens, not so sure.

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Cloud Atlas. Fancyburg Park UA.

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Happy Monday.

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Houseboat docked. Fire started.

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Mmmm Unicorn Crunch is on sale. I wonder if it is non-GMO?

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Baker Lake, Nevada 11,563 ft. A great trip with #mikeesberg, #scottmackstudio,#jeffbeith

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Pyramid Peak

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